Toby Tobias remix on new Force Of Nature mix!

Feb. 4, 2013

Toby Tobias remix for Hardway Brothers appears on The Force Of Nature new mix cd.

The Force Of Nature partnership was forged a decade ago, although Tokyo denizens KZA and DJ Kent have been working together less frequently in recent years. Prior to the hiatus, they produced a trio of self-titled full-lengths, dealing in an ethereal brand of broken beat, house and disco. Expansions follows up on 2006's The Force Behind The Power mix for Mule Musiq sub-label Endless Flight, the imprint releasing this laest effort. Chugging cosmic vibes seem to be the order of the day on Expansions, with artists like Eddie C and The Revenge setting the relaxed pace. 

01. Begin - Lay Dub 
02. The Project Club - Field Of Dream (Lexx remix) 
03. Joakim - Labyrinth (Lone remix)
04. Seahawks - Catch A Star Dunks No Drunk (Bolero mix)
05. Lovelock - The Fog 
06. Brioski - Scandal Echo 
07. Boys From Patagonia - Rimini '80 
08. Last Waltz - Tangiers 
09. Eddie C - Tunnel Mountain
10. 6th Borough Project - Estranged Lover 
11. Craig Bratley - Birdshell (The Revenge Bonus Dub) 
12. Compuphonic feat Marques Toliver (Sunset DJ T remix) 
13. Burnin Tears - Just The Same
14. Hardway Brothers - Mania Theme (Toby Tobias remix) 
15. Andy Sangria - Sanctuary of Love

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