Toby Tobias out NOW on DoG

Joe Jones
Nov. 1, 2013

Our favorite alliterating B-Boy, Toby Tobias, has just come through with some fresh raw s**t for Jimpster's Delusions Of Grandeur!

Two original tracks absolutely loaded with old school analogue machine funk and crazy dub tricknology, on the A-side, "Itʼs Burning" builds around a beautiful chiming synth while a filtering acid bass line and 808 snares add a distinct splash of retro-illectro into the mix. "I Give You Love" heads for a more rugged house vibe complimenting the intense, loosely timed vocal hits perfectly.

On the flip we have the mysterious London Housing Trust bringing serious heat to I Give You Love; jacking up the tempo but adding lysergic synth tweaks to result in a show-stopping reworking primed for freaking people out on the dancefloor. Finally we have that man Lauer working his magic on Itʼs Burning, building up the track around euphoric stabs and a beautific bassline to provide the perfect close on the EP. In the label's own words “we think Toby Tobias has turned in some of his best ever work here and absolutely love this whole record”.

The 'Burning Love' EP is already primed and loaded up at Juno's online store & will also be available in many fine physical vinyl emporiums in the weeks to come.


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