Toby Tobias on Boiler Room LDN

Joe Jones
Feb. 25, 2013

Toby Tobias will be appearing on the world’s premier underground vidcast, Boiler Room, on Thursday 28th February, along with Ashley Beedle and Ron Basejam from Crazy P, as part of the Hot Coins takeover. Naturally they’ll be joined by the Hot Coins maestro himself, Red Rack’em, whose Hot Coins album launch party Toby played at a few weekends ago in Berlin.

Not only are we happy that a member of the agency roster will make an appearance on Boiler Room (we think our good friend KiNK showed them some real live talent last year too), but we’re also really chuffed for Red Rack’em, who makes this his 2nd appearance on Boiler Room (now not many can say they’ve done that). As one of the very first people who believed in the output of this upstart little Croatian label with crazy-mad ideas and who supported it from the very beginning, we massively appreciate his musical taste, support, enthusiasm and inspiration.

So if you’re looking for a top-notch night-in of quality music mixed by real visionaries with great taste, you can’t do better than pouring a glass of your favourite tipple, tuning into Boiler Room this Thursday and dancing round your house like an Adriatic b-boy on Burek.

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