Theoretical physics with Aubrey

Joe Jones
Nov. 26, 2013

Ben Sims joins the resurgent Aubrey for a special Vs. release on the Theory imprint, taking in a 12” with one vinyl only track, a limited coloured 10” and an extensive digital release with two digital exclusives.

The first 12” of Theory45 pits two Aubrey tracks (one original and one Sims' reinterpretation) against two Sims originals and the result is a dominating piece of wax. Aubrey, as ever, is in strident and muscular form while Sims displays frenetic and discordant melodic intent across his works.

A 150 edition coloured vinyl 10” is the next facet of the release, where Sims’ ‘Joyrider’ from the 12” has been remixed by Trevino and Massimo Di Lena. Trevino’s version leads where his recent output for The Nothing Special leaves off and does so with punchy flair while Massimo Di Lena goes for a brilliantly judged distorted drum workout to round off the slab.

For the digital release, joining all but one part of the first 12” of Theory045 are two digital exclusives. Aubrey’s ‘Double Image’ rises out of pacey, raw synth licks not dissimilar to some of Sims own favoured tropes while Sims’ ‘Transforming’ takes a gently lopsided and trippy approach to late night techno.

Soundclips are over at Juno.

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