Summer festival announcements

Joe Jones
May 21, 2013

As the start of the summer festival season creeps ever closer, we’d like to tell you about some of the appearances of our peeps have confirmed so far. Toby Tobias is at Unknown festival (10th - 14th Sep) and at  Farr Festival (19th-21st July) in the Hertfordshire countryside, and here’s a wee promo mix he did for them.

Burek’s founder Pytzek and his co-pilot Mislav are playing back to back as part of the cross border organised Lighthouse Festival this weekend (24th -26th May), hosting the boat party on Friday. Pytzek and Mislav will also be representing Burek at For Festival (21th - 23th June), The Garden (3rd – 10th July), Hideout (3rd - 5th July), Dimensions (5th – 9th Sept) along with fellows Croatians Ilija Rudman and Homeboy, who will be performing live at all events.

You can also catch Toby Tobias and Esa, as part of Auntie Flo Live, at The Garden too. Just after The Garden finishes it’s the turn of Electric Elephant (11th – 15th July) at which Chris Duckenfield will be playing and after he’s finished there he’ll be taking part in the Tramlines Festival (19th – 21st July) in his home city of Sheffield. For those of you based closer to the northern or eastern parts of Europe, SLG is at Soundcheck Festival in Poland (21st June – 22nd June).


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