New Tief Music release with Marco Bernardi and Johannes Volk out soon

Jan. 14, 2014

London's TIEF label (an offshoot of the successful night at Corsica Studios) finally announced that the third Ep on Tief Music comes from Johannes Volk & Marco Bernardi who have contributed with 2 stunning tracks each... The "dark, brooding beauty" of 'Blue Mountains' definitely stood out on EP and Mixmag drives the rating up to a more than respectable 8/10 in their techno reviews. Read what they have to say about it after the bump...

With support so far from Mano Le Tough, Efdemin, Amé, Bicep, Marcus Worgull, Lawrence, Oliver Hafenbauer, Arttu... we are sure it will be another successful record from Marco. 

The Ep will be out in the next 3 weeks andyou can preview the Ep here:

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