Marco Bernardi's split EP on TIEF reviewed by RA

Joe Jones
Feb. 27, 2014

After his track Blue Mountains pricked the ears of Mixmag last year, Resident Advisor gives a much sought after 4/5 rating to the split EP on TIEF that Marco Bernardi contributed to. 

As Stephen Worthy writes "'Never On A Monday' is a slo-mo breakbeat/techno hybrid that's washed in syncopated synth trills' while "'Blue Mountains' balances frantic with placid, with a jabbing Hammond joined by offbeat crash cymbals, guttural bass and a booming spoken word sample". The EP garnered a hefty 4/5 rating from the reviewer, further cementing Marco's reputation as a producer/DJ who knows his stuff and can impress even the most hard-to-please press.

Full review over on Resident Advisor can be found after the bump here.

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