Marco Bernardi in FACT's Month's Best House & Techno releases for May

May 29, 2014

What they say?

For a decade now, Marco Bernardi has churned out a reliably high-quality stream of purposeful, analogue-rich EPs on fine labels like Frustrated Funk, Clone and Crème Organization. It’s on Brokntoys that his latest offering, Emotional Wreck, lands though, and as one SoundCloud commenter puts it, the EP is “disturbing in all the right ways.” Though the titular opener is so nervy you’ll want to check over your shoulder every few seconds, ‘Catman’s Going To Get You’ is the best thing here – wobbly, off-kilter weirdness with eerie hidden melodies, beguilingly filtered sounds that could be distressed catcalls and rushes of broody percussion. ‘The Light Beside the Hall’ is a pinging bit of electro-tinged acid dancing on a hot tin roof while the frantic loops of ‘Genetic Genocide’ are sleazier than a Babestation cameraman. If you need any other reason to get into this EP, the limited run vinyl comes with a nice piece of screen-printed artwork unique to each record.


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