Marco Bernardi did mix and interview for Little White Earbuds

Feb. 3, 2014

Marco Bernardi's been releasing under different guises for more than a decade, but it’s really been in the last few years that Bernardi’s brand of house and techno has been grabbing our attention. From the taut, dystopian funk of “Mystery of Nazerus” on Clone to the rave-tinged house of “Klinsfrar Melode”‘ and the Detroit homage “Star Traveller,” it seems Mr. Bernardi can lend his hand to a variety of sounds and nail them all. But then perhaps this isn’t so surprising given that the Glaswegian/Italian has been involved in the music business since his mid teens, having played keyboards in a pub band for years before getting turned on to electronic music and beginning to produce his own. Whether under his own name or his most frequently used pseudonym, Octagen, Bernardi has been unassumingly prolific for over ten years and with a raft of records in the pipeline only looks to be even more so in 2014.

LWE caught up with the producer to find out more about his past, find out what his favorite keyboard jam is and to learn about his new Take The Elevator label. He was responsible for our 192nd exclusive podcast as well, which due to the sheer number of exclusives making up this sweltering hour and a half of techno, he has asked us to withhold the track list for. So for this week, put the anoraks down and just enjoy!

Check the mix and  interview for LWE - here.

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