Inkswel remixes for Stupid Human Music

Joe Jones
Nov. 28, 2013

System Status, an affliated project of South London based Stupid Human, asked Inkswel to remix their track 'Hands' for the latest EP on the Stupid Human label. 

Inkswel's remix takes System Status' ricocheting claps, big string sweeps and crisp snares and molds them into a big boogie-down number characteristic of his low-riding, hiphop originated production style. Things get crazy as the remix unfolds and the filtered funk lets rip...

Hitting shops this week! Have a ganders (the artwork for these EPs is always quality), get your lugholes round it (because the music is also quality), listen to this (cos we told you to), etc etc. Don't be stoopid, be human and fill your life with music.

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