Inkswel 'No More Suckas' EP in shops

Jan. 24, 2014

Inkswel's No More Suckas EP, the eight release from Burek Records, is now available in all good stores (Juno/Decks). 

Hot on the heels of his successful autumnal tour of Europe, the antipodean beatsmith and low-riding soul-brother, Inkswel, arrives on the eighth 12” from Burek Records. Considering Inkswel's been working with people like Merwyn from Virgo Four, Gifted & Blessed and Linkwood for the third release on his own Hot Shot Sounds imprint, we weren't surprised when he told us about the recent collaboration he'd had with Dave Aju. Naturally we were keen to get this out into the world, complementing it with great remixes and additional tracks from Inkswel.

The A-side comprises three funkadelicious, shape-throwing, pop-locking slices featuring the talents of San Fran's Dave Aju, Melbourne's Cazeaux O.S.L.O, Christchurch's Isaac Aesili and Adelaide's Charli James. They wear their shared love for hiphop on their sleeves, replicating old school sampling techniques and twinning them with a feel for modernity.

The open kicks and sax thrills that begin 'No More Suckas' cement syrupy pads and swirling keys as Dave Aju rhymes about that classic conundrum, being given the chance for a night of intimate relations. Rotascoping blips and pads combined with fat bass work underpin the conscious spoken word poetry of 'Mind Yours', and 'Saturated' closes the side with razor-sharp claps, wonky chords and 808 cowbells laying the foundation for vocal call and responses. This ain't hip-house, it's hiphop-house.

On the B-side our trio of heavyweight remixers let rip, each in their characteristic inimitable styles. NYC's DJ Nature edits and extends No More Suckas, playing with the vocals and adding strong drum patterns with a lilting flute melody to turn in a true hypnotic deep house chugger. Berlin's Iron Curtis uses the pads and spoken word component of the original to prelude a darkly evocative late-night slice of enticement, with heavy off-kilter kicks, haunting bells and floating chords drawing the listener deeper and deeper. London's breakbeat legend IG Culture uses the same spoken word parts as Iron but recombines them into new patterns as he lays down massive echoing big-room bass and jukey snares to fashion the original into a tour-de-force of footwork.

Inkswel proves that hiphop is the sibling of house music, and this EP helps join the dots between those two forms of music whilst taking it to future forms.

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