Homeboy's Unmixed Compilation 4 Disco Panonia at Intergalactic FM

Feb. 27, 2014

A unmixed compilation Homeboy did for Le Chocolat Noir and his Disco Panonia Show on Intergalactic FM. He ripped a few records through a cheap preamp, that seemed to fit together in one way or another. and gleued them together without mixing. Hope you enjoy the selection it is all good music.


Ferdinant Kriwet - Radio Hoertest II (WDR 3)
Speedy J - Symmetry (Warp)
Moebius - Transport (Bureau B)
Redcell - Climatic Calm (Mainframe Music)
Michael Bundt - Future Street (Private Recods)
Trans Am - Remote Control/Spike In Chatter (Thrill Jockey)
Mr. Fingers - Ecstasy (Soul Jazz Records)
A Certain Ratio - The Fox (Factory Records)
Roman Fluegel - Thank You Jack (Live At Robert Johnson)
Neu - Leb Wohl (Groenland Records)
Kornelije Kovač - Cat's Play (RTB)

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