Homeboy to feature on next WOLF

Joe Jones
Nov. 20, 2013

Big news from Homeboy. His livejam, Spacelift, will feature on the forthcoming WOLF022. 

The bouncey, uplifting hands-in-air good timer of a track is one quarter of the EP, which will also contain tracks by label stalwarts KRL, Greymatter and Ishmael on the so-hot-it-burns UK label.

In the years since inception, WOLF has introduced the world to talents like Medlar, KRL & Greymatter, as well as championing a host of other names such as Frits Wentink, James Welsh, Ishmael, Chicago Damn and The Revenge. 

We're justifiably proud of Homeboy and this EP, representing another step in the onward journey of one of the best musical talents in Central Europe.

The 12" wax is due to hit shops on 25/11/2013 (though Juno users will be able to get it a few days earlier, from this Friday) and will then available via all quality digital emporiums 4 weeks later. 

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