The Great Burek Giveaway

Joe Jones
Nov. 15, 2013

To celebrate the third anniversary of our cow-faced imprint, Burek Records are giving away a meaty stack of musical goodness. Like a crazed Canadian mayor on a gak binge we're throwing caution (and potential taxable revenue) to the wind and showing our love for you, the supporters of our endeavour. We have three prizes to give away and all you have to do is follow these simple instructions.

Win burek vinyl

A) Answer correctly questions below (answers are easily found on burek website)
B) Fill out other required information
C) Submit your entry and confirm listing

1. Which underground UK techno legend has remixed the forthcoming Burek007 EP?*
2. Name which member of the Burek Agency roster has recently released an album entitled 'Experiments Must Continue? *
Which music style do you prefer?


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