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Joe Jones
Nov. 6, 2013

We've been a bit quiet recently, something to do with the onset of winter, but after this brief hiatus we have loads of exciting news from our agency roster to hit you up with. Here be the latest news...



The Bristol-based man of many nom-de-plumes has been up to a lot recently, touring SE Asia, starting his own Take The Elevator imprint and ramping up his remix and release schedule. His last project (shhh, you didn't hear that from us, right!), released on the M>O>S Deep label, has raised eyebrows and won plaudits from Resident Advisor and Little White Earbuds, coming third in their October chart.              

On top of this he's also turned in a heavy, stripped down dub remix of Andrea Di Rocco, just out on Aeon. Grab a listen on their YouTube channel.                                                                                                                                                                        

The man-of-2011 - Maceo Plex - has licensed an Orlando Voorn remix of Octogen (Marco's harder, more strident alter-ego) for a forthcoming mix; an indication just how far his talent is getting noticed nowadays. Also, Marco's contributions to the the third installment of London's TIEF label (an offshoot of the successful night at Corsica Studios) have helped garnered high praise for the EP from no less than Mixmag. The "dark, brooding beauty" of 'Blue Mountain' definitely stood out for them and drives the rating up to a more than respectable 8/10 in their techno reviews. Read what they have to say about it after the bump...



The resurgent hero of underground British techno will be headlining at one of Berlin's finest parties later this month, at ://about blank , as part of a triple label event comprised of Freund der Familie, NSYDE & Uncanny Valley. If you're in Die Kapital at the time we really encourage you to go along as this will surely be one of the biggest events in Berlin this month. 

Now here's some massive news; Aubrey joins Ben Sims for a vs. release on the Theory imprint later this month, taking in a 12” with one vinyl only track, a limited coloured 10” and an extensive digital release with two exclusives. This massive release will also feature remixes from man of the moment, Trevino, and Massimo Di Lena. You've been warned; this looks like it'll be one of the biggest techno releases this season.



Frankfurt/Zagreb jetsetter, Homeboy, has some tour dates upcoming, taking in Croatia, Germany and Austria.

16.11. Sirup, Zagreb (DJ Set) 
22.11. Postgarage, Graz 
27.11. Supercaffee, Zagreb (DJ Set) 
07.12. Salon Wilde Renate, Berlin 

 We've also heard some exciting news about Homeboy and a certain high profile lupine UK imprint releasing him in Decemeber. His own House Is OK has also prepped its 4th release featuring a remix from Kornel Kovacs from Studio Barnhus. But more news on these two developments next month.

While you're waiting for these exciting developments, take the time to check this video (sorry about the sound quality...modern technology huh?!) of his live-set from his triumphant recent appearance at the legendary Robert Johnson in Frankfurt.



The fresh-faced, Budapest-based producer has scored his first remix, on Luv Jam's vinyl-only Crow Castle Cuts Raw – a 12” played by no less than Move D himself in his recent Boiler Room appearance.

Alongside this the Hungarian based Freakyhouse collective have been running a remix competition for his Skysurfin' track. Up until now this has only been available as a digital track, but the 3 winning entries will be pressed up, along with the original, on a super limited 12” (limited to less than 20 copies in the whole world). Here's the original for your aural pleasure.                                                                                                                     



Toby Tobias fires up his 808 and 303 on his new BoogieFuturo release! Rattling Roland cowbells take us back to the old school while the chopped and skewed vocal sample adds a touch of soul to the solid machine music on offer.

Just wait til he flips this shit at the half way mark with a big industrial sounding break. Massive!

Grab it here.

Toby's also supplied the latest instalment for Jimpster's 
Delusions Of Grandeur. Read more about 'The Burning Love' EP in the article on our website.


Franklin's just submitted the tenth instalment of the ProperCast along with an excellent artist feature for them. 

We'd also encourage your to check out the excellent artist feature that the ProperCast team have down, as it covers why Franklin De Costa is a superb producer, DJ and live performer, some highlights of his extensive background in music and a cheeky Lego reference.



 On top of this, Franklin's also contributed a DCNT remix to the latest Platte International release, a 12" comprising three heavy industrial slices of "next gen shit" (to quote the Platte Int. collective). The Hartmood original is apparently from the late 80s and Franklin's remix is also accompanied by a remix from Boris Bunnik of Conforce notoriety. 

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