Franklin De Costa remixes for fresh Munich label Molten Moods

Joe Jones
March 5, 2014

"Who you gonna call?","Franklin De Costa, that's who!"

And this was exactly what new Munich-based label Molten Moods did when they asked him to be the solo remixer on their first ever release.

Combining deep house, techno and dubbed-out electronica, the fresh talents behind the quietly spoken underground label turned to Franklin to remix the eerily emotive 'Moment One' by producer Jonas Yarmer. Franklin's remix takes the immersive original and turns it into a droneful and heavy slice of dancefloor atmosphere perfect for late-night drama.

This vinyl-only release is out now and you can score the 12" directly from the label. If you dig this, just drop them a line via the contact details provided on their soundcloud page. You can check it out here:

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