Experiments Must Continue storms Juno album charts

Joe Jones
Oct. 28, 2013

Chicago Damn's debut album, Experiments Must Continue, has only been out a week but it's already gained praise from Future Music and has been sitting in the top 3 of Juno's album chart since release.

 Although Chicago Damn’s eponymous label has released but four vinyl-only releases so far, they have been charted by tastemakers like Skudge, Jimpster and Ben Sims.  

 Across 6 tracks he experiments with timbre, tempo and texture to create searing dancefloor tracks leaning on acid, techno and minimalism in a raw analogue style. 

‘Strawberries & Kreme’ opens the album in lively fashion with a nimble, polished deep techno. It’s crisp and clean with perfectly programmed synths and bass that all work in unison to make you dance. ‘Agitated’ is just that – an occult brew of untethered synth lines that spray like a search light as shuffling drums and chattering claps race across the surface. Its paranoid and sees machines run wild before ‘Sleaze’ is more of a go slow jam that percolates with different percussive textures and cinematic, alien synth lines all conjuring images of some dirty deep-space disco. Elsewhere there is gallivanting acid, weird but wonderful machine music and frantic techno that’s industrial and dark at the same time being hugely evocative of an alien world where humans no longer exist. 

Overall, this is a raw album made of stripped back sounds that fully exposes the production talents and creative ideas of Chicago Damn in fine style.


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