Dixon x Felver x Homeboy x Petar Dundov x Mimi x Omar

Joe Gamp
Nov. 7, 2014

This Sunday (9th November) our deliverer of dreams, Homeboy, will be toasting Dixon and Felver's new party Stereotype, a new Sunday afternoon concept party that mixes daytime fun with deep, underground musical sensibilities. With Innervisions' Dixon and local hero Felver at the controls of this shindig, Homeboy is in good company to kick off proceedings with inaugural bash as they take to the decks at an abandoned socialist cinema Mosor, a  beautiful surroundings with a live atmosphere and strict policy of good music, you'd do well to check this glowing 'Sunday Funday' party out yourself. 

Full line up:



Petar Dundov

Homeboy live



 Tickets:  Entrio http://bit.ly/ZILvUX

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