Daniel Wang and Brennan Green's rmx for Block 16 has been reissued

Jan. 13, 2013

This stunning 13 minute odyssey got lost in the messy demise of Nuphonic Records, but was rescued by The Wangster, who decided to put it out on his own Balihu label. It features propulsive 21st Century electro-disco stylings, with keening theremin sounds, a mad beatbox driven breakdown, hairy guitar solos, a psychedelic Loft style wigout, and a crazy dub reggae coda that will hypnotise your soul. One for deep'n'dirty 3am dancefloors, the original was rinsed by The Unabombers at Electric Chair, and the sleeve features shouts to Harvey and Dutch Italo-disco I-F.... Whipperesnapper DJ support from the likes of Leftside Wobble and Bicep for this reissue too, we are only delighted with ourselves it must be said!

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