Chicago Damn - Bizarre Sex No 4.

Joe Jones
April 3, 2013

It’s fair to say that Chicago Damn’s productions refuse to be easily pigeon-holed. Since first releasing in 2010, Chicago Damn has been remixing and producing tracks for a wealth of tasteful labels that recognise his skilful use of sampling and creative, always engaging, approach to production. After the techno/bass stylings of ‘The Filth’ EP on his own self-titled label he’s back with the ‘Bizarre Sex No 4’ EP, a gorgeous limited run 12” that would’ve sat proudly in the discography of many a classic Chi-town label.

Harking back to the heyday of cut-up disco-house, Let Your Body Rule would’ve most definitely found an instant home on a seminal label like Relief or Dance Mania. With a hardstepping rhythm and tempo that lingers on the right side of 125, it’s impossible to not be stirred into action by the incitement to let your body rule.
Moving away from that peak-time ass-shaker, the skiffled underpinnings of Temporary Transgression beckon you into an enveloping warmth that tantalizes and stirs the emotions. Holding you on the edge, never quite letting you go, this captures the debt that house owes to the soul of pioneering Afro-American music.

Finishing the EP, the sultry Pleasurer breathtakingly rises and falls atop layers of deep, mesmerising synth and groove-laden slap bass. As this piece of dreamy, sexy funk slides coolly in and out, a bizarrely amorous voice perfectly captures the title with their utterances. This is what we hope you get up to, late at night, when the doors close and the lights go out...

Here’s some of the initial feedback about Bizarre Sex No 4:

Rob Mello: Love all three here, nice work.

Mark E: Really good this, the whole release. Top work.

Jimpster: Really love all three tracks but especially into Temporary Transgression, which is a killer!

Red Rack’em: Love it.

Franklin Da Costa: Top release again. Temporary Transgression is my fav.

Cottam: Top stuff!

Ruf Dug: This is f**kin well dope!!!!!!

Chamboche: Wow amazing work, the whole EP is really special.

Jordan Peak: Wicked EP

SCNTST (Boys Noize): Wow, new EP sounds huuuuuuuge!

Pytzek (Burek): All cuts are dope.

Tobias Lidstrom (Local Talk): New Chicago Damn 12" on its way. What can I say except, you NEED this. Truly exceptional!

Wicked Bass Records: this is funkin sick!!!!

Chicago Damn’s ‘Bizarre Sex No 4’ EP is hitting all the right purveyors of fine wax in mid-April.


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