Burek Podcast #33 - Samanta Fox [Wilde Renate]

Feb. 16, 2017

As the spring arrives and nature awakening after the winter takes firm hold, we bring you the new Burek podcast. Stepping forward for this we have Berlin's great underground artist, Renate’s resident bad-boys, masters of pirate radio transmissions (Renate Podcast / Radio Renate) and lead cat herders for their now defunct Whiskey Tango Foxtrott nights - Samanta Fox. They provide live DJ recordings from the latest year and chose the part of the set which fit best a listening mood. Enjoy!

The offspring of a stowaway hidden aboard a cargo ship in the Pacific Ocean during the early 80s, Daniel Frank Gizzie III was raised amongst a group of rowdy sea-dogs somewhere between Tahiti and Hong Kong. In 2010, his yearning for land-based adventure led him ashore where he encountered his partner, Jean-Daniel Tomor, working in an underground weapons market in the heart of Budapest. The two young lads became inseparable and through various escapades across the European continent they made a name for themselves as feared knife fighters and record jockeys, amongst other things. After landing in Berlin the following year, they quickly become aligned with a local resistance group which went by the name of Wilde Renate and began work as undercover operatives using the alias Samanta Fox in the electronic music scene. To this day, they are involved with the nightly operations at Wilde Renate Headquarters where they also host their events, Whiskey Tango Foxtrott and Tokyo Redlight.


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