Burek Podcast #27 - Les Yeux Orange

Feb. 22, 2016


Les Yeux Orange started early 2013, when Noctambulo and Humangigz teamed up to share their passion of electronic music with the world. Long time record collectors and DJs, both based in Paris, they started off by uploading all sorts of electronic music on their inhexaustible youtube channel and sharing podcasts by DJs such as Willie Burns, Intergalactic Gary, Mick Wills and many others. Joined in 2014 by two young producers, LeonxLeon and Alan Dente, they organised memorable parties with I-F, Yan Wagner, Albion, Sacha Mambo, Aroy Dee and Beppe Loda to name but a few. In 2015, they started a monthly radio show to promote new electronic music and featured many exclusive “premieres” of upcoming releases. Rapidly going viral, Les Yeux Orange are now invited to play all over France and in the UK and will soon launch their own record label.


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