Burek podcast 011 - ARTTU

Joe Jones
March 13, 2014

We're back with our first podcast of 2014! And we're very pleased that the inimitable Arttu Snellman (aka Arttu aka Lump), the Finnish funkmeister supreme, has contributed a real tour-de-freak of a selection. Encapsulating  classic 90s house cuts, stomping disco, Portuguese-African funk and wonky modern soul, Arttu delivered a seriously tight vinyl mix.

With a string of distinctive EPs on the high-grade triad of Royal Oak, 4lux and Philpot, Arttu is the continuation of the career of Lump, which saw Snellman release of a wealth of underground labels including Süd Electronic, Morris Audio, Contexterrior and Rrygular. His first release as Arttu was the 2011 global bomb "Nuclear Funk" which catapulted him into the conscious of every DJ who had ears and feeling for furious forceful funk - an dancefloor fusion device of epic explosive dynamism.

For more insight into the colourful past of Arttu, jump through to his page over at Sensational. And follow him via his soundcloud page here.

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