Two Thou - Modern Mechanics EP

Oct. 7, 2015

Here we go!

We’re so excited to be the guys that get to deliver you this guy’s debut release.  Luca Murgia has a sound all his own – he really like tom toms, he likes spacey flourishes, and overall he likes to deliver tracks with mobile electro-y grooves married to the stability of house.  The thing that really makes him special to us is the naturalness of feeling he achieves in his productions – he has a neatness to his grooves – everything lines up so the body can move freely and the dancer be in a state of flow.  All four tracks on this EP have real singularity of intent in their sounds and rhythms but vary dramatically in intensity.

Assembly is the track that you play just as the night picks up in pace.  It’s not one of those tunes with a vocal or a melody that everyone will know, but it’s got a jerky tom rhythm that the most enthusiastic dancers will pick up on as soon as it hits.  Luca goes on to sweeten the brew with a spritely twanging bassline that comes in and out injecting energy without disturbing the basic flow.

Future Window has those toms again, but much more in the background and a more head-down vibe to it with insistent keys and a bassline that pulses rather than bounces.

Finally, Tasks takes the template from the other tracks and gets it so drunk it almost falls apart.  There are more squeaks and burbles, the bassline twists wildly and the rhythm is on the verge of collapse.  At the right moment it’s a gnarly ride that’ll drive people crazy.

Rush Hour

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