Burek 005 will be out soon!

Joe Jones
Feb. 26, 2013

The latest EP on Burek is hitting shops soon and we’re very pleased that enigmatic jack-meister Snuffo from Snuff Crew have produced the 5th instalment on Croatia’s leading underground label. Snuff Crew have been at the forefront of the new European approach to classic 80s Windy City sounds over the last 5 years, appearing on a range of respected underground labels, including their own Snuff Trax imprint, as well as performing live across the continent and further afield. We’re not sure who or what Snuffo is, it could be Snuff Crew’s Atari ST gone AWOL, their cyborg love-child or even their pet Roberman let out to play on their kit for all we know, but Snuffo sure has given us two excellent slices of meat for our latest batch of Burek.

While still channelling the raw, dusty, analogue Chi-town vibes that they are so well known for, Missing You (All The Time) shows a softer, more melancholic mood than is usually expected from anything Snuff-orientated. Hinting at the glimmering of the early morning sun creeping through the cracked warehouse windows of settings that formed such an eponymous part in the development of house music, the track bridges the past and the now as only Snuff Crew can do.

Complimenting the original, we have a pair of globe-spanning remixes. After a 2012 that saw them gain much acclaim and several top-notch accolades (including featuring in many best-of-2012 lists) across the global electronic spectrum, Amsterdam residents Juju & Jordash take the haunting chords and deep kick of the original and spin these parts into a psychedelic, tripped out voyage of the mind that rises and falls like waves gently lapping on the shore, sometimes as smoothly as the spring-tide, sometimes with the fierce intensity of a storm-swell.

Australian Kikumoto Allstars, known for his contributions to DJ Hell’s International DJ Gigolo imprint, weaves the elements of Missing You (All The Time) into an inspiring piece of Adriatic jack. Starting with some of the melancholic feel of the original, the remix slips melodic chords and 303-lines into the mix while overlaying jacking claps to push the track to its peak.

Wrapping the EP up is another original piece, Come Closer, which provides some bang for your buck. Moving away from the emotive feel of the opener, this creeping, spine-tingler of a heads-down chugger is a more stereotypical Snuff track that will appeal to their die-hard appreciators. Ricocheting claps and bells ride on top on a woozy chord sequence that, when combined with the heavy kick and angry stabs, closes the EP on more technoid tip; a cyber cat and mouse chase through dystopian futurescapes to balance the EP’s more joyful, emotional and psychedelic parts.

Snuff Crew presents Snuffo – Missing You (All The Time) EP is released on Burek and will be hitting all the usual high quality vinyl emporiums on. The digital release will follow.

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