Aubrey steps up with fresh releases, remixes for Ostgut Ton

Joe Jones
Feb. 28, 2014

Aubrey's had a busy few months. The start of 2014 has seen him remix 'Trespass' from Berghein resident Marcel Fengler's debut LP for the mighty Ostgut Ton, alongside fellow techno luminaries Shed and Dave Clarke.

This month also sees the release of another EP featuring his remix talents, this time for his own DOT imprint. Alongside Ben Sims and Stephen Brown, Aubrey turns in a transcendent powerhouse of a raw, groove-laden remix of the Analog People original. 

Aubrey's also contributed a track to the latest EP on the Space imprint of his long-time friend and collaborator Myles Sergé. You can check out Volume 1. of the Planetary Resources via the Space Bandcamp page. 


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