Sneak peak of Burek008 on Melbourne Deepcast

Joe Jones
Oct. 29, 2013

uIt was only fitting that the first leak of the forthcoming Inkswel release on Burek should come from one of the remixers involved, and thus it was.

Former Wild Bunch-er and NYC resident DJ Nature is one of three talented producers who we selected to remix for the eighth instalment of our humble label, alongside German deep house wiz Iron Curtis and UK legend IG Culture.

DJ Nature dropped his remix of "No More Suckas", which features the vocals of the esteemed Dave Aju, on Australia's premier podcast series, Melbourne Deepcast. To hear it, head for the 3.45 mark on the mix...or better yet, just sit back, pop your best 'phones on your head and listen to the mix in its entirety. You will not be disappointed.

Also, you can read full interview with Dj Naure - here.

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