April 4, 2019

French producer Erell Ranson's affinity for the deeper shades of Detroit sound is well known, but his ability to absorb those influences and create beautiful music with his own signature is the reason we're so excited to welcome him into our Barba  family.

  • Aubrey goes head to head with Ben Sims on the latest Theory release, producing pure forceful physics for the body and mind.

  • The Defected blog spoke to Chicago Damn about being blown away by Energy Flash, sleepness nights from raising triplets, teacher training, his relationship with Mark E and forthcoming releases in the pipeline.

  • The Freakyhouse blog recently ran a remix competition for Gnork's Skysurfin' track. If you want to check some fresh and relatively undiscovered producers, feel like supporting a grass-roots, non-commerical endeavour to spread quality music or just fancy owning some super limited vinyl that few others will have in their bags, read on.

  • Big news from Homeboy. His livejam, Spacelift, will feature on the forthcoming WOLF022 V/A EP alongside KRL, Greymatter and Ishmael.

  • Nov. 15, 2013

    To celebrate the third anniversary of our cow-faced imprint, Burek Records are giving away a meaty stack of musical goodness. Like a crazed Canadian mayor on a gak binge we're throwing caution (and potential taxable revenue) to the wind and showing our love for you, the supporters of our endeavour.

  • Nov. 6, 2013

    We've been a bit quiet recently, something to do with the onset of winter, but after this brief hiatus we have loads of exciting news from our agency roster to hit you up with. Here be the latest news...

  • Our favorite alliterating B-Boy, Toby Tobias, has just come through with some fresh raw s**t for Jimpster's Delusions Of Grandeurcomplimented by remixes from London Housing Trust and Arto Mwambe's Lauer. Two original tracks absolutely loaded with old school analogue machine funk and crazy dub tricknology...

  • Check out Franklin De Costa's ProperCast, a supremely immersive podcast which also includes an excellent artist feature from the ProperCast team.

  • It was only fitting that the first leak of the forthcoming Inkswel release on Burek should come from one of the remixers involved, and thus it was. DJ Nature drops his remix of Inkswel's "No More Suckas feat. Dave Aju" in his Melbourne Deepcast.

  • Chicago Damn's debut album, Experiments Must Continue, has only been out a week but it's already gained praise from Future Music and has been sitting in the top 3 of Juno's album chart since release.

  • Couple of exciting recent developments to report to you from our Bristol-based amigo, Marco Bernardi...

  • Grab a download and pop Marco Bernardi's recent guest mix for the Hypercolour show on leading London based underground radio, Rinse FM. Marco's acid drenched futurefunk aesthetic shines through, while his choice of tags is sublimely witty.

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