April 4, 2019

French producer Erell Ranson's affinity for the deeper shades of Detroit sound is well known, but his ability to absorb those influences and create beautiful music with his own signature is the reason we're so excited to welcome him into our Barba  family.

  • Inkswel + Merwyn Virgo Four + Linkwood + Gifted & Blessed = gargantuan EP! And it's just hit the European shops, perfectly timed for that Xmas gift for that certain someone who likes their effervescence raw.

  • Tis the season of good will to all men (and women), especially those who like a good party. Ahead of his UK debut, Gnork teamed up with Luv*Jam and London culture magazine The Ransom Note to give away a free EP.

  • Fresh from his debut track on WOLF Music, Homeboy steps up and delivers an exclusive mix for the UK label. After a storming 2013, this was a great way to bring the year to a close. Make sure you catch his live show next year, it's already delighted crowds at Robert Johnson, Dimensions Festival, Garden Festival & Renate.

  • The titular track from Inkswel's macro-EP/mini-LP, released on FACES earlier this year, will feature in the first DJ-Kicks mix compilation of 2014.

  • We're splashing down for a Burek Label Showcase party in Singapore soon, bringing two of the finest producer/DJs in the Southern Hemisphere, Recloose and Inkswel, to the Lion Ciy.

  • Information Ghetto's Inspiration EP, the seventh release from Burek Records, is now available in all good stores. Comprised of an original slice from the Russian producer and complemented by remixes from UK techno legend Aubrey and the latest talent to emerge from Chicago's deep techno/house scene, Specter. 


  • In line with his recent Delusions Of Grandeur 12", Toby Tobias presents 8 Influences for London's eminent culture magazine The Ransom Note. Check out some of his formative musical influences and how he joined the dots between breakdance, Chicago house, disco and the Stone Roses.

  • Inkswel's got a busy few months ahead of him. Releases and remixes will be coming thick and fast. Check out his boogie-down remix for Stupid Human, which has just hit the shops.

  • Check out Marco Bernardi's mix for Paris Campus Radio's ICE FM, broadcast just before he hit the Crème Organization night at Batofar, which also featured DJ TLR and Perseus Traxx.

  • Grab a download of Franklin De Costa set from his recent appearance at Moscow's finest, ARMA17. Pure deep vibez...

  • To celebrate a decade since its inception, Chinatown boss Brennan Green gives away the original Pop Your Funk mix CD as a free download on soundcloud.

  • Gnork's 'The Unofficial Chords Of Planet EE' will feature on the fourth instalment of the colourful Blind Jack's Journey Dream House series of limited pressing, handstamped 12"s.

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