Nov. 4, 2018

Burek is turning 18 with this one and we’re honored to have the opportunity to welcome one of Chicago’s most interesting producers to our family. His name is Mr Gene Hunt!

Oct. 22, 2018

Return of the UK producer Allen Saei aka Aubrey on the mighty Barba label is another bold statement in the discography of this extraordinary producer.

Oct. 3, 2018

Reworking a big tune is never a simple task, especially if after 7 years the tune in question is still one of the highlights in live shows of one of the worlds most beloved live act performers - KiNK. 

Sept. 6, 2018

Texas-based electronic music producer Phillip Washington aka Cygnus was on bit of a hiatus since his phenomenal “Cosmos” long play on Fundamental Records, released near the end of 2016. This EP, titled “ne0 ge0”, is his first move towards breaking the silence and we’re extremely happy to announce it’s happening through our Barba imprint. 

  • A unmixed compilation Homeboy did for Le Chocolat Noir and his Disco Panonia Show on Intergalactic FM. He ripped a few records through a cheap preamp, that seemed to fit together in one way or another. and gleued them together without mixing. Hope you enjoy the selection it is all good music.

  • Franklin De Costa teamed up with NYC's DJ Spider on the most recent Killekill EP. These two heavy weights of contemporary house music have joined forces to genetically modify their original sound and deliver 4 superdark and driving tools on the verge between techno and house.

  • "An EP of considerable merit" is how Resident Advisor's Stephen Worthy described Marco Bernardi's recent split EP (alongside Johannes Volk) on London's uprising TIEF record label.

  • Check out the latest instalment of the WOLF Music podcast series, mixed by our compadre Inkswel. It's a "perfect blend of beatdown, boogie and house". He's also had an insightful chat with Testpressing.org.

  • Marco Bernardi released albums and 12”s on labels as serious as Planet E, Delsin, Clone, Frustrated Funk, Abstract Forms, Soma, Rawax, Creme Organisation/Bunker and Dave Clarke’s Whitenoise. He did remixes for names as Drexciya’s Henrich Muller, Orlando Voorn, Convextion, Slam, 2562 and Redshape...
    This time he is he is responsible for Little White Earbuds exclusive podcast & Interview that you really need to check!

  • The man-of-the-moment on the Internet comes to you in the form of our favourite Australian analogue kid Inkswel, who’s EP for us “No More Suckas” sold out on Juno in a few days (don’t worry there will be restocks!). Because of this, we thought we’d give you a quick rundown on everything that’s happening in the world of Inkswel.

  • Inkswel's No More Suckas EP, the eight release from Burek Records, is now available in all good stores. Inkswel proves that hiphop is the sibling of house music, and this EP helps join the dots between those two forms of music whilst taking it to future forms.

  • Our next EP coming from Australian machine-funk maestro Inkswel, has been getting high praise from our friends over at The Ransom Note. They give it a well-deserved “chuffing awesome” status and also liken the EP to a mini album. We tend to agree with both comments – no bias of course.

  • London's TIEF label (an offshoot of the successful night at Corsica Studios) finally announced that the third Ep on Tief Music comes from Johannes Volk & Marco Bernardi who have contributed with 2 stunning tracks each...

  • Inkswel + Merwyn Virgo Four + Linkwood + Gifted & Blessed = gargantuan EP! And it's just hit the European shops, perfectly timed for that Xmas gift for that certain someone who likes their effervescence raw.

  • Tis the season of good will to all men (and women), especially those who like a good party. Ahead of his UK debut, Gnork teamed up with Luv*Jam and London culture magazine The Ransom Note to give away a free EP.

  • Fresh from his debut track on WOLF Music, Homeboy steps up and delivers an exclusive mix for the UK label. After a storming 2013, this was a great way to bring the year to a close. Make sure you catch his live show next year, it's already delighted crowds at Robert Johnson, Dimensions Festival, Garden Festival & Renate.

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