April 4, 2019

French producer Erell Ranson's affinity for the deeper shades of Detroit sound is well known, but his ability to absorb those influences and create beautiful music with his own signature is the reason we're so excited to welcome him into our Barba  family.

Feb. 21, 2019

Vakula, returns to our label family. For his Barba debut he came up with a new name - Rocco Siffredi, and a spaced out 3-tracker EP titled "Per Asper Ad Astra".

  • Native Berliner Franklin De Costa dropped Urban Essence a peak-time glitchathon of tech-house, minimal and driving, edgy techno which took absolutely no prisoners.

  • SLG came by Boiler Room's Warsaw session with a high energy live set recently...

  • Toby Tobias took control of our secret East London Basement for a 60 minute house and disco session! For more great DJ sets be sure to subscribe to DJ Mag TV...

  • Nice review of Marco Bernardi Brokntoys release in FACT Magazine . May Best House & Techno they say.

  • Nearly four years ago when we started out on this crazy voyage we never thought that we'd be taking you on a voyage too. So we're super excited to be able to hosting one of the boat parties at The Garden! 

  • As the start of the summer festival season creeps ever closer, we’d like to tell you that Burek’s founder Pytzek and his co-pilot Mislav are playing near Iron Curtis as part of the cross border organised Lighthouse Festival next weekend (23th -25th May)...

  • Following on from his debut on Killekill back in January, Berlin native Franklin De Costa touches down at Fabric this weekend as he headlines Vitalik Recordings‘ Room 3 takeover...

  • Never Ending Similarities sees MB return to his home base Frustrated Funk to do what he does best. Pushing the envelope while still keeping the emotive part of the music on the foreground. Interfusion Biamp and Never Ending Similarities are two relatively new tracks...

  • As the Easter bunnies run rampant and nature's awakening after the winter takes firm hold, we bring you the second Burek podcast of 2014. Stepping forward for this we have Northern England's biggest underground breakthrough of the last few years, our favorite cap-wearer and all round thoroughly decent chap, Cottam!

  • After his exceptional contributions to Nous and Bokhari, Route 8 arrives on the boutique East London label, Lobster Theremin. Possibly the greatest name for a label ever, they also put out some seriously good underground music. Check the EP after the bump... 

  • Who doesn't like a big, meaty free WAV? Toby Tobias gives away his sought after Casinoboy edit of Gary Low's I Want You.

  • March 13, 2014

    We're back with our first podcast of 2014! And we're very pleased that the inimitable Arttu Snellman (aka Arttu aka Lump), the Finnish funkmeister supreme, has contributed a real tour-de-freak of a selection. Encapsulating  classic 90s house cuts, stomping disco, Portuguese-African funk and wonky modern soul, Arttu delivered a seriously tight vinyl mix.

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