Nov. 4, 2018

Burek is turning 18 with this one and we’re honored to have the opportunity to welcome one of Chicago’s most interesting producers to our family. His name is Mr Gene Hunt!

Oct. 22, 2018

Return of the UK producer Allen Saei aka Aubrey on the mighty Barba label is another bold statement in the discography of this extraordinary producer.

Oct. 3, 2018

Reworking a big tune is never a simple task, especially if after 7 years the tune in question is still one of the highlights in live shows of one of the worlds most beloved live act performers - KiNK. 

Sept. 6, 2018

Texas-based electronic music producer Phillip Washington aka Cygnus was on bit of a hiatus since his phenomenal “Cosmos” long play on Fundamental Records, released near the end of 2016. This EP, titled “ne0 ge0”, is his first move towards breaking the silence and we’re extremely happy to announce it’s happening through our Barba imprint. 

  • As the start of the summer festival season creeps ever closer, we’d like to tell you that Burek’s founder Pytzek and his co-pilot Mislav are playing near Iron Curtis as part of the cross border organised Lighthouse Festival next weekend (23th -25th May)...

  • Nearly four years ago when we started out on this crazy voyage we never thought that we'd be taking you on a voyage too. So we're super excited to be able to hosting one of the boat parties at The Garden! 

  • Following on from his debut on Killekill back in January, Berlin native Franklin De Costa touches down at Fabric this weekend as he headlines Vitalik Recordings‘ Room 3 takeover...

  • Never Ending Similarities sees MB return to his home base Frustrated Funk to do what he does best. Pushing the envelope while still keeping the emotive part of the music on the foreground. Interfusion Biamp and Never Ending Similarities are two relatively new tracks...

  • Marco Bernardi obsessively coaxes his analogue dreams into livid life, stripping down his sound to man-meets-machine in synchronized harmony. Hypercolour, the label du-jour, is primed to release the techno monster “No-One Seems To Care“ shortly, presented here as a fully deconstructed Remix Set. 

  • After his exceptional contributions to Nous and Bokhari, Route 8 arrives on the boutique East London label, Lobster Theremin. Possibly the greatest name for a label ever, they also put out some seriously good underground music. Check the EP after the bump... 

  • What does Marco Bernardi do? He makes music, music and more music! Then he releases a bit more music. The man's release schedule just never slacks-off. Click through to check out the latest releases on Hypercolour's Hype Ltd sub-label, Bristol's Happy Skull, plus the forthcoming EP by the mysterious Sandman on his own Take The Elevator imprint.

  • We're very excited to announce that our small and shapely booking agency has a new face joining it, Route 8. The fresh talent from the seething cultural boiler that is Budapest has already caused a stir amongst they-who-know and looks set to take his live-act on the road across Europe.

  • Nearly four years ago when we started out on this crazy voyage we never thought that we'd be taking you on a voyage too. So we're super excited to be able to announce that this year on 5th July, we're hosting one of the boat parties at The Garden! 

  • Chicago Damn returns to the label that released his first ever EP, turning out a superb mixed four-tracker of a 12" for Mark E's very own MERC Music

  • Franklin De Costa once again proves he's a go-to guy for atmospheric and engaging music with depth and emotion with his latest remix. 

  • The start of 2014 has seen Aubrey's already highly impressive discography grow with 2 remixes and an original track appearing on a V/A release in the last few months, proving his status once again as a doyen of the techno scene.

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