April 4, 2019

French producer Erell Ranson's affinity for the deeper shades of Detroit sound is well known, but his ability to absorb those influences and create beautiful music with his own signature is the reason we're so excited to welcome him into our Barba  family.


  • At Barba we are old wise men, not so easily excited.  But nothing gets our old fisherman joints up and moving like three tracks of pure strong machine groove. In part 2 of the Laffer EP Marco Bernardi is going head down, straight ahead and striving for energy...

  • We have come to expect the unexpected from AYBEE. Always showcasing different sonic tapestries his Burek debut holds true to this theme.  Under "The Bazile Republic" moniker AYBEE presents the "Strange Visitors EP".

  • After the well received success of our first Barba elease by LD Nero, Croatia’s finest techno inspired label is excited to announce our next moo-sical offering. This time we’ve cast our A&R net eastwards and have snared Bristolian producer Marco Bernardi!

  • Bureks finest son, Toby Tobias and his good pal Damon Martin have joined forces for a new residency in London.

  • Kink in his recent live set for Boiler Room Moscow, he drops the track to a knowledgeable crowd who are clearly digging his house infused flavours. 

  • Gnork steps forward with a track included on the brand new Artful Division EP, alongside Glenn Astro, Chocky and Raud Dancesol.

  • Inkswel announcend  his new Lemonade City EP under his "Cold Chillin Inkswel" guise, out on Lumberjacks in Hell. 

  • Barba is croat for a wise old uncle.  It’s also the new techno label from the Burek team.  Like a wise old man we want Barba to contain many things – classic techno, more electro-oriented sounds – in fact anything that we think has depth and quality,

  • Budapest's finest young talent, Route 8, has been busy as a bee since he joined the Burek agency back in March. This time he delivers us amazing podcast mix.

  • Ilija Rudman, croatian mainstay and underground favourite is gearing up to release his second artist album, True Colours, on UK based imprint Is It Balearics Recordings. 

  • Not only is Inkswel one of the hardest working underground djs and producers on the planet, he's also one of the rarest and most funkiest as his confirmed signing to the legendary BBE (Barely Breaking Even) label proves. 

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