April 4, 2019

French producer Erell Ranson's affinity for the deeper shades of Detroit sound is well known, but his ability to absorb those influences and create beautiful music with his own signature is the reason we're so excited to welcome him into our Barba  family.

  • London-born producer Colin Lindo aka Nubian Mindz is not your average predictable artist. You know his stuff's gonna be good, but there's a solid chance you'll be surprised with a thing or two in every track. Similar approach applies here. Generally speaking, the music is deep and rich, yet very direct and club ready ...

  • Vodkast Records feature Burek's main chef Pytzek on vodcast.157
    We cannot last long without funk, so here it is, a man behind Burek label, Pytzek recorded a groovy mix of jazz, funk, soul, p-funk and disco. one of the best sad sundays... enjoy...

  • DJ Labud, local hero and one of the head-chiefs of Ekstrakt (Croatian most prolific DJ crew), is joining Burek's ”playable on demand” music family with his smashing new mix. He will be introducing the audience with his musical influences and music that inspired him.

  • For our latest Burek podcast we have a skilfully layered journey into various shades of soul, funk, hip hop and disco from Detroit based producer CL Dawkins aka Alex Israel. 

  • As the spring arrives and nature awakening after the winter takes firm hold, we bring you the new Burek podcast. Stepping forward for this we have Berlin's great underground artist, our favorite Iron Curtis.

  • Over 20 years ago Shad T. Scott and his pal Seven set up Isophlux Records, Miami's infamous first electronic imprint . Now in year 2016, Shad under his Gosub alias releases this Sunday At Battle Ship Key titled EP for Barba Records

  • The Burek podcast series returns to the cloud, this time brought to you by the amazing French house and techno meisters supremes - Les Yeux Orange. 

  • Always excellent Les Yeux Orange has premiered track from Ilija Rudman and Boyd H. Jarvis upcoming Burek release!

    Don't miss it!

  • FBK aka Kevin Kennedy is a hardworking man, be it battling computers and machines when producing music or when going out there and getting job done. In either case, one things is certain - theres no messin' around. 

  • JTC's remix of "Lurking Underwater" track from our BAR004 Heinrich Dressel EP came out in mind bending video made by Balkan super talented collective - Studio Šator premiered on XLR8R

  • We’re so excited to be the guys that get to deliver you this guy’s debut release.  Luca Murgia has a sound all his own – he really like tom toms, he likes spacey flourishes, and overall he likes to deliver tracks with mobile electro-y grooves married to the stability of house.

  • Burek’s sister label Barba on its fourth release introduces Heinrich Dressel, project related working name of Valerio, a force behind MinimalRome label from Italy. Main track Lurking Underwater comes with JTC remix. Aquatic stuff!

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