Jan. 16, 2017

London-born producer Colin Lindo aka Nubian Mindz is not your average predictable artist. You know his stuff's gonna be good, but there's a solid chance you'll be surprised with a thing or two in every track.

Aug. 8, 2016

California­ based producer Damon Bell could not find a more suitable home for his new 12” than Croatian label Burek. Two words that perfectly describe this record are “rich” and “colourful”,  and the description is equally applicable to all three cuts...

  • Italy-born, Dublin-based producer Leopoldo Rosa aka Lerosa returns with his second EP in 2016. and continues a string of excellent releases for Croatian label Barba. Lerosa, as the newest addition to the label's roster, fits perfectly alongside the likes of LD Nero, Alex Cortex, Heinrich Dressel, DJ Stingray, FBK, Gosub, Perseus Traxx and Marco Bernardi. 

  • CL Dawkins “Affirmation Of Love” comes as a wonderfully sounding and looking postcard from Detroit. Written by Alex Israel, remixed by Amp Fiddler and with a vocals by Lavell Williams, the record features three different generations of Detroit artists.

  • This first release of Perseus Traxx for Barba Records is pretty varied release with downtempo number, floor smasher and b2 cut living up to its notorious role when wax release is in question. Don't miss it.

  • Over 20 years ago Shad T. Scott and his pal Seven set up Isophlux Records, Miami's infamous first electronic imprint . Now in year 2016, Shad under his Gosub alias releases this Sunday At Battle Ship Key titled EP for Barba Records

  • Always excellent Les Yeux Orange has premiered track from Ilija Rudman and Boyd H. Jarvis upcoming Burek release!

    Don't miss it!

  • FBK aka Kevin Kennedy is a hardworking man, be it battling computers and machines when producing music or when going out there and getting job done. In either case, one things is certain - theres no messin' around. 

  • Latest DJ MAG issue recognised Heinrich Dressel released on Barba. Review came with 8.5/10 mark. 'One of the barriers that purist electro faces in crossing over a wider audienc is the fact that in often lacks a dancefloor focus. On 'Underwater', Italian producer Dressel does a lot to rectify this issue.'

  • Get your hands on latest Barba! Ever striving for perfection, Sherard Ingram aka DJ Stingray 313 for this fifth Barba release hits us with elegant but typically fast pacing modern electro 3 tracker. Title track also gets a remix treatment by Aubrey, UK seasoned techno dj, producer.

  • We’re so excited to be the guys that get to deliver you this guy’s debut release.  Luca Murgia has a sound all his own – he really like tom toms, he likes spacey flourishes, and overall he likes to deliver tracks with mobile electro-y grooves married to the stability of house.

  • Burek’s sister label Barba on its fourth release introduces Heinrich Dressel, project related working name of Valerio, a force behind MinimalRome label from Italy. Main track Lurking Underwater comes with JTC remix. Aquatic stuff!

  • At Barba we are old wise men, not so easily excited.  But nothing gets our old fisherman joints up and moving like three tracks of pure strong machine groove. In part 2 of the Laffer EP Marco Bernardi is going head down, straight ahead and striving for energy...

  • We have come to expect the unexpected from AYBEE. Always showcasing different sonic tapestries his Burek debut holds true to this theme.  Under "The Bazile Republic" moniker AYBEE presents the "Strange Visitors EP".

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