Route 8 welcomed to Burek Agency

Joe Jones
March 27, 2014

Route 8 represents a key component in the vanguard of talent that represents the "New Sound Of Budapest", a small group of producers who have spurned the commercial dalliances of the hype machine and plowed their own sonic furrow. Quietly and methodically honing his art, immersing himself within the state of mind that enables true synthesis between man and machine, Route 8's phantasmic approach to the post-Detroit sound has percolated outwards into the wider world beyond the "Paris Of The East". 

With a handful of critically acclaimed releases under his belt, Route 8 has recently emerged onto the musical landscape of those who have their ears to the (under)ground of deep house and techno. Having been picked up on by the keen-eared minds behind London-based labels Bokhari and Lobster Theremin as well the Greco-Germanic Nous imprint, this young producer (a member of his home city's Farbwechsel collective) looks set to establish himself as a vital Central European talent to watch in the coming years with further releases being lined up for bespoke underground labels. Route 8 has already been likened by some bloggers to "a new L.I.E.S signing" and this Trans-DaNubian heir to the stripped post-industrial sounds of the Great Lakes has already taken his live-act to the underbelly of Berlin and Bratislava and routinely performs to the home crowd in subterranean Budapest. 

Here's a taste of the buzz that his releases have created in such a short time, as described by JunoPlus: "Young Hungarian producer Route 8 follows up his sublime release on Bokhari by gracing Nous with three tracks of dreamlike techno for the sophisticated dancefloor. ‘Memory Disorders’ tops its hypnotic rhythm with a hit of Carl Craig synth, packing the grooves with emotional release for very early or very late in the session. On ‘Waving Goodbye’ and ‘Erase Dub’, Route 8 shows the same prowess for deep analogue house that he brought to Bokhari, weaving complex drum sequences with ease while his rolling basslines and stripped back melodies take you along for a ride. Budapest is in the middle of a serious moment for house music and with Route 8 and Gnork at the helm the scene looks set to blow up worldwide this year.”

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