CL Dawkins - Affirmation Of Love

April 21, 2016

Anticipated with much approval
, Burek and Barba new crew member Pomalo! is on boad. Pressed in limited number, PML001 Affirmation Of Love - this trifle novelty is now available in record stors and on line. Cover art by Mario Kolarić aka Sretan Bor logo design by Albert Leeflang. 

Pomalo, meaning “take it easy” in Croatian Dalmatia region’s slang, is the latest addition to the Burek/Barba family. 

Alex Israel, here debuting his CL Dawkins moniker, is a mechanical engineer and a modular aficionado who started playing piano at the age of 6. Since 2011, Alex released a string of successful releases under his real name on labels such as Crème Organization, Stilove4music, Night Gallery and W.T.Records.  In tune with the mood and title of the label, Alex delivers two mid-tempo jams which are hard to ignore.

“Affirmation of Love” is a soulful tune which feels equally in place as the last song of the night, in your living room or at a boat party. Mr Williams, whose vocals envelope the song is a vice president of the Detroit Sound Conservancy deeply involved with Detroit’s musical heritage education. Second original tune on the record is “Blue Falconry”, an instrumental with a subtle synth line threading through the whole length which is very reminiscent of Alex’s previous work.

For the end, we have Amp Fiddler’s contribution. A one-man musical hub and an artist whose impressive biography would take up more space than we have here, is the guy connecting the universe of George Clinton, Sly and Robbie, Prince, Moodyman, to Brand New Heavies, J Dilla, Theo Parrish and A Tribe Called Quest. His version of “Affirmation of Love” gives the song a dancefloor edge while retaining all the things we love about the original. Wonderfully soulful Detroit house in the best sense of the term, one of those pieces of music which stay with you for a long time after you’ve heard them.


Rush Hour
Piccadilly Records

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