Mix Collection of Inkswel productions, older releases...

Jan. 15, 2014

Inkswel new mix featuring all his productions. A retrospective look of stuff he done for labels like Boogiebash, Dopeness Galore, Faces & MCDE, Midnight Riot/ ISM, Firecracker/ Unthank, Stupid Human, Hot Shot Sounds, Rush Hour Records and upcoming material for This Thing, Burek, Rebirth and more!

1. Inkswel- She Likes Techno feat. Reggie B & Kid Sublime (Boogie Bash)
2. Inkswel - Twinkies feat. Bobbi Dhal (Upcoming/ This Thing) 
3. Darwins Theory - Accept the Truth (INKSWEL REMIX)
4. Inkswel - What You Do? feat. PAUL RANDOLPH (UNRELEASED)
5. Inkswel - Saturated feat. Isaac Aesilli & Charli James (Upcoming/ BUREK) 
6. Inkswel - Like That feat. Suzi Analogue (Midnight Riot/ISM)
7. Maseratay - Never Let You Go feat. Charli James (INKSWEL & KID SUBLIME REMIX)
8. ????????? (INKSWEL REMIX)
9. System Status - Hands (INKSWEL REMIX) (Stupid Human)
10. Inkswel - Circle Jerks (FACES RECORDS)
11. Inkswel - Tu Machito feat. Chico Mann (Firecracker/Unthank)
12. Inkswel - Glass Tear Groove feat. Zackey Force Funk (Boogie Bash)
13. Tevo Howard - Kisses from New York (Inkswel Remix) (Upcoming/ Rebirth)
14. Inkswel - High All The Time (Dopeness Galore)
15. Inkswel - 555 feat. Freekwency (Upcoming) 
16. Merwyn & Inkswel - Eternal Freedom (Hot Shot Sounds) 
17. Inkswel - Eyefuxx - (Rush Hour) (Store Jams only series)

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