Marco Bernardi is relentless

Joe Jones
April 3, 2014

Analogue maverick Marco Bernardi has got a busy April ahead, even considering his recent snowboarding incident while preparing for the Alpfresco Festival in Austria. His 'Music For Short Attention Spans' EP is currently out on the Hype Ltd side-label of the award winning Hypercolour stable and on top of this the coming month will see him join the growing group of impeccable talent that has released on Bristol's own Happy Skull as well as releasing the second chapter of his own imprint, Take The Elevator.

The home label of the highly rated underground DJ duo, The Kelly Twins, Happy Skull sets a high standard with its blend of innovative tangents on the techno/bass axis. For their fourth transmission, Happy Skull presents a trio of dystopian fantasies. Opener 'Floating' is a throbbing trip in to rattling techno territory complete with discordant chords and bubbling acid lines. 'Broken Boiler' offers a trademark Bernardi fusion of sweet, visceral melodies and raw machine drums while rounding things off is 'Upside In', a fearlessly wonky voyage into freaky techno-funk. The release lands in stores at the end of April.

April also sees Marco turn loose the second Take The Elevator EP, this time by the mysterious Sandman. Nothing is known of the identity of this individual (or who knows, it could be a whole ensemble) but whoever or whatever they are, they're channelling machine-funk through their veins and producing some badass, off-beat tech-funk of the highest calibre. This is due out on 16th April via the mighty

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