Marco Bernardi delivers remix set for Native Instruments

May 6, 2014

Italian by genetics, Glaswegian by birth, Marco Bernardi obsessively coaxes his hardwired analogue dreams into livid life by focusing on using analogue hardware, stripping it down to the real deal of man and machine working in synchronized harmony. With a wealth of releases in the last decade on some of the most esteemed labels in the business, such as Planet E, Clone/Royal Oak/Frustrated Funk, Creme Organization and Rawax, Bernardi is about to unleash his next assault on the world from his base in Bristol. 2014 sees the launch of his own label: Take the Elevator, as well as new EPs on Futureboogie, Hypercolour & MOS /Delsin. The sizzling stable du-jour of Hypercolour is gobbling up Bernardi's taut and tumbling electro as they get primed to release the techno monster No-One Seems To Care.

Full set you can get here.

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