Free Downloads from Inkswel and Chicago Damn

Jan. 20, 2014

We assume that the vast majority of you aren't fans of gloomy Mondays but to brighten it up a little our burek artists have prepared a special treat for you during last few days. Yes, we have free downloads from Chicago Damn and Inkswel featuring Paul Randolph. As you probably know Paul has garnered quite the resume by performing with musical greats Johnny Johnson, Tony Allen, and Odetta to name a few. His is currently performing tour dates with Berlin-based jazz/funk band, Jazzanova, and runing few solo projects (one of them is on Moodyman's Mahogani Music label, "This is. . . What it is.")

So hurry up and don't miss this gems while they are still available.

Chicago Damn - You Can't Run Inkswel - What You Do Feat Paul Randolph


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