Burek podcast #22 - Tiago

Oct. 7, 2015

Tiago, a name synonymous with the Liaobon's underground night Trust at Lux club and a Portuguese pioneer of the blend between disco and house, delivered us a seriously tight vinyl mix.

Also, Tiago has released twisted tracks consistently for close to 10 years now, spreading his net across quality like Jolly Jams, Gomma, DFA and his very own imprint Interzona13.

He epitomises how the art of quality disco, house & techno music should be done. In these glutted days of cut-and-paste edits, his care, passion and talent hark back to the origins of the musical movement.  As a producer, DJ and musician, Tiago and his extensive discography have played a vital role in the reawakening of love and interest in the various shades of leftfield dance music over the last decade across the world.



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