Burek podcast 010 - Red D

Joe Jones
Nov. 25, 2013

We Play House
...yes, Burek does. So does Bart Van Neste, aka Red D. So it was natural that his label should be . Rather well too. 

With over 20 years of experience of DJing Red D could be described as "a big cheese" in Belgium's scene. We prefer to describe him as "the perfect condiment", the mayonnaise that so many Belgique pommes frites are adorned with. Originally founding We Play House as a platform for the then fresh-as-a-daisy San Soda to release music on, the label expanded as a forum for more friends to appear on. With residencies in Ghent and Deinze keeping him busy on top of the label it's hard to imagine that he finds time to be one half of VFB (with Danilo Plessow aka MCDE) and also the mega-hit producing FCL (with Nicolas Geysens aka San Soda).

Red D has kindly provided us with second part of a triple mix series spanning over 3.5 hours of pure quality house. Mixed as a straight vinyl set at home, accompanied with a few bottles of fine beer and some stuffed animals. 
The first part can be found over on the MEOKO website. 


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