Burek podcast 005 - Dj Kaos

Joe Jones
July 30, 2013

DJ Kaos, a name synonymous with the Berlin underground and a pioneer of the blend between disco and house, has released twisted tracks consistently for close to 15 years now, spreading his net across quality like Studio !K7, DFA, Modular, Clone and his own imprint Jolly Jams.

These Jams have included quality 12″s from Tiago, Eric Duncan and The Backwoods and over an extensive career he’s recorded with Manuel Göttsching, comped discs with Liquid Liquid’s Sal P and remixed everyone from Roxy Music to Canyons. Having toured around the world many times, this mix, ripped on the fly gives us a sense of what DJ Kaos does.

Sit back, zone out and listen in to the sounds of the kaotic kosmos!



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