Burek Playlists #01 - Matthias Reiling

April 25, 2018

As the Easter bunnies run rampant and nature's awakening after the winter takes firm hold, we bring you the Burek Playlists! Stepping forward for this we have german underground star, our favorite cap-wearer and all round thoroughly decent chap, Matthias Reiling!

Alongside long time partner in crime Hauke Freer, the Hamburg based beatsmith is putting most of his love and work into their infamous Session Victim two man band for almost a decade now but still finds the time to release his darker solo efforts via Giegling, Freer's XK and Session Victim's newest vinyl only adventure Pen & Paper...

Sit back, zone out and listen in to the sounds of Mattias Reiling's selection!

If you haven't checked out new Burek or Barba releases,  you've still got a chance to grab it! Buy it here:
Trinidadian Deep - About you - Burek
FBK - Eclipse EP w/ Claude Young remix - Barba

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