Perseus Traxx - Take Your Chance

April 12, 2016

Nigel uses a range of hardware and in general writes music and jams it out live, then moves on to other tracks with strong belief in the DIY approach to music with sole aim to get it out there. Its limited range of hardware though which enables him to be mobile so his next live show might be around your corner.

When working on tracks, he would playfully feedback loops and drive the effects off each other and use an MPC to trigger everything while working the desk as an instrument in it's own right. Surely sometimes he will integrate computers to varying degrees. When putting his material out, preference is for vinyl releases as he grew up playing records, and still like to do so since they're physical and tangible items.

In the end, he doesn't think it matters what you write the music with, or what format you release on, as long as you express yourself fully. And thats what he does very well, just check his discography and make sure you set fair bit of free time to explore and enjoy. His music could be more polished and less hap-hazard, but hearing a lot of good music that is precise, he would rarely find it fun to multitrack and agonize over things. It's easier and more constructive to jam and then learn from mistakes, applying lessons next time.

When he is making music, its without serious aims, he would just let the cosmos direct things, using the man as a conduit to the machines. This first release of his for Barba Records is pretty varied release with downtempo number, floor smasher and b2 cut living up to its notorious role when wax release is in question.

Head over to Mixmag TV channel to hear premiered 'Take Your Chance' track.

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