April 25, 2018

Selected by the best music heads and DJ's, "Burek Playlists" are playlists for every mood and situation. Forget the algorithms, computer generated playlists or other random whatever services because here at Burek, we got true music lovers handpicking tunes for your enjoyment!

Dec. 4, 2017

During this cold winter months a glass of cooked wine surely helps but what we desperately need is some proper good music to warm our harts and soul. So, for this Burek podcast we chose no less than Benjamin Froehlich, co-owner of the cult Permanent Vacation label.

  • Chris Duckenfield, Burek favorite DJ and member of the agency roster, has gave us his recordings from warm last weekend warm up for Berghain stalwart Norman Nodge!

  • For our first in a series of interviews dealing with current topics in the music industry, clubbing and publishing scene, we chose a very special guest - Philip Sherburne.
    As the first topic is music journalism and the role of the music critic then one of the best choices for our first interveiwee is Philip. For anyone who doesn't know, Philip has been around for over 10 years as a journalist, review writer and critic of the musical scene...

  • With the masses of free music being pumped out there nowadays, it’s hard to sift through so much. So let Burek help you with that. We’re going to be giving away regular top-notch freebies from our most excellent and talented friends and family for your aural enjoyment and playing pleasure.

  • Burek joins this ”playable on demand” music family with its very own smashing monthly podcast, introducing the world’s finest underground DJs along with some of the agency/label's DJ heroes. With Burek’s well known musical aesthetic, this podcast is definitely not going to be just another bunch of megabytes online.

  • Dec. 3, 2012

    Record reviews, really ?
    Well, despite an abundance of blogs and online opinion in our world of miasmic interconnectedness I thought I'd add my voice to the cacophany.
    Because if I can shine a light on some of the stuff that really is worth your time (and money !) then it's well worth doing.

  • Like DJ History nicely put it Chris Duckenfield is responsible for some of the best house music ever to be made in the UK. Furthermore he is a well respected and very experienced DJ and Burek’s first pick when it comes to DJs. With countless releases and even more gigs behind him Chris is the most suitable person to begin a series of interviews on this blog. With him we discussed music, his distribution and current topics related to music. Lets go.

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