Sept. 13, 2017


We're back with our first podcast after summer! And we're very pleased that the inimitable Adam Wickens aka @adminuk , the Bristol funkmeister supreme, has contributed a real tour-de-freak of a selection. Encapsulating soul, balearic, disco, and 80tis cuts, Admin delivered a seriously tight, home listening mix.

April 13, 2017

Our friend in Los Angeles, Cromie, comes through for the 34th edition of our Burek podcast. Cromie, whose music has appeared on labels like 100% Silk and Urulu's Amadeus, provides a mix that charts a course through rough and tumble house vibes, new and old, straight, swung and broken, for an eventful musical ride.

  • The Burek podcast series returns to the cloud, this time brought to you by the globe-roving, BMX-loving James Welsh (WOLF/Hypercolour/Losing Suki/Futureboogie). With a musical career that's spanned knob-twiddling for post-punk bands in Texas, remixing Depeche Mode and a certain traction-weaved US starlet through to making some of the standout moments of the last few years in the fusion of house and bass...

  • Latest Burek podcast, a journey into raw, lo-fi boogie and funk is mixed by our compadre Moon B!

    Also, don't miss him at his forthcoming Eu tour!

  • Our good friend Homeboy (House Is OK, Hypercolour) delivers the latest tasty slice of musical joy, fresh from the Burek oven. Expect some treats, as his DJ sets are sprinkled with forthcoming material from a range of fellow heads.

  • DJ Kaos has given us a live recorded mix for our podcast series which blends cosmic vibes with a smidgeon of deep house into a spaced out mix of starry wonderment. He has steadily produced since he first appeared on !K7 in the early 00s and has graced labels such as DFA, Clone, Italians Do It Better and Rong over the past decade.

  • May 17, 2013

    Ahead of his Huntleys & Palmers label takeover appearance at London’s legendary Fabric, Burek’s teaboy Joe Jones took the opportunity to talk with Esa, aka Mervin Granger, one of Burek Agency’s recent signings and the mind behind the forthcoming 6th offering on the Burek label.

  • Grab a download and have a listen to the latest Burek podcast mixed by the one of the head-chefs of Burek, our very own 1200cc engine in a Lambretta bodyshell – Pytzek. The label may have a reputation for house and techno but Pytzek mixed up a sweet & soulful springtime podcast that will tickle your ears and sooth any May Day festivity induced injuries you may have sustained.

  • The cat is out of the bag about one of the forthcoming Burek 12"s, an EP by Glasgow's own Esa Williams with a superb remix by Edinburgh's Fudge Fingas providing the topping on the cake. In the lead up to this release we're really chuffed that the Prime Numbers and Firecracker alumni has supplied us with the third installment in the Burek podcast series.

  • To celebrate 1000 followers on Burek's Facebook fan page and to thank you all for your support, we're offering a great downloadable unreleased track, "Wind in The RYE",  from one of  Japan's biggest talents - Humandrone!.

  • "Record reviews, really ?
    Well, despite an abundance of blogs and online opinion in our world of miasmic interconnectedness I thought I'd add my voice to the cacophany. Because if I can shine a light on some of the stuff that really is worth your time (and money !) then it's well worth doing."

    With over 2 decade’s experience, Chris Duckenfield is not only a great DJ but also a true underground music luminary. So, trust him!


  • Chris Duckenfield, Burek favorite DJ and member of the agency roster, has gave us his recordings from warm last weekend warm up for Berghain stalwart Norman Nodge!

  • For our first in a series of interviews dealing with current topics in the music industry, clubbing and publishing scene, we chose a very special guest - Philip Sherburne.
    As the first topic is music journalism and the role of the music critic then one of the best choices for our first interveiwee is Philip. For anyone who doesn't know, Philip has been around for over 10 years as a journalist, review writer and critic of the musical scene...

  • With the masses of free music being pumped out there nowadays, it’s hard to sift through so much. So let Burek help you with that. We’re going to be giving away regular top-notch freebies from our most excellent and talented friends and family for your aural enjoyment and playing pleasure.

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