Sept. 13, 2017


We're back with our first podcast after summer! And we're very pleased that the inimitable Adam Wickens aka @adminuk , the Bristol funkmeister supreme, has contributed a real tour-de-freak of a selection. Encapsulating soul, balearic, disco, and 80tis cuts, Admin delivered a seriously tight, home listening mix.

April 13, 2017

Our friend in Los Angeles, Cromie, comes through for the 34th edition of our Burek podcast. Cromie, whose music has appeared on labels like 100% Silk and Urulu's Amadeus, provides a mix that charts a course through rough and tumble house vibes, new and old, straight, swung and broken, for an eventful musical ride.

  • Our good friends Peak & Swift delivers the latest tasty slice of musical joy, a new podcast fresh from the Zur Wilden Renate oven. Expect some treats, as they DJ sets are sprinkled with material from a range of fellow heads.

  • As the Easter bunnies run rampant and nature's awakening after the winter takes firm hold, we bring you the second Burek podcast of 2014. Stepping forward for this we have Northern England's biggest underground breakthrough of the last few years, our favorite cap-wearer and all round thoroughly decent chap, Cottam!

  • Who doesn't like a big, meaty free WAV? Toby Tobias gives away his sought after Casinoboy edit of Gary Low's I Want You.

  • March 13, 2014

    We're back with our first podcast of 2014! And we're very pleased that the inimitable Arttu Snellman (aka Arttu aka Lump), the Finnish funkmeister supreme, has contributed a real tour-de-freak of a selection. Encapsulating  classic 90s house cuts, stomping disco, Portuguese-African funk and wonky modern soul, Arttu delivered a seriously tight vinyl mix.

  • To celebrate 1000 followers on Homeboys's Facebook fan page and to thank you all for your support, Homeboy offering a great downloadable unreleased track

  • Brennan continues his mission of sharing and producing high quality music in 2014. The latest proof is new mix he did for Burek podcast. He epitomises how the art of quality disco, house & techno music should be done. In these glutted days of cut-and-paste edits, his care, passion and talent hark back to the origins of the musical movement...

  • We assume that the vast majority of you aren't fans of gloomy Mondays but to brigthen it up a little our burek artists have prepared a special treat for you during last few days. Yes, we have free downloads from Chicago Damn and Inkswel.

  • Collection of Inkswel very own productions, older releases, remixes, upcoming bits. All his productions in one mix! Grab it here.

  • Check out Marco Bernardi's new mix, a supremely immersive podcast which also includes an excellent artist and labels like  AnaXander, Tlr Creme Org, Ch B-Cedervall, Abstract Form, Delsin...

  • Head of Belgium's We Play House imprint and one half of FCL, Red D steps up to provide the tenth Burek podcast, serving up a delicious platter of waxy frites de maison over the course of an hour and a quarter long. This is part 2 of the three-way Monday Clubbing mix shared over several sites.

  • Nov. 25, 2013

    Big free WAV is now for free up on Inkswel's soundcloud page. Get in there!

  • Inkswel has dropped this rather tasty edit onto his soundcloud account as a 'returning home' gift after his successful European tour. Hiphop heads should be able to join the dots and hear where it's from...

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