April 25, 2018

Selected by the best music heads and DJ's, "Burek Playlists" are playlists for every mood and situation. Forget the algorithms, computer generated playlists or other random whatever services because here at Burek, we got true music lovers handpicking tunes for your enjoyment!

April 2, 2018

15th release of the Barba records! And its FBK who's back featuring a remix by none other than Claude Young - a Detroit heavy-weight who's been particularly selective with his output.

  • March 14, 2016

    Urulu has given us a live recorded mix for our podcast series which blends house vibes with a smidgeon of deep house into a spaced out mix of starry wonderment. He has steadily produced since he caught the ear of Berlin's Dirt Crew...

  • Latest DJ MAG issue recognised Heinrich Dressel released on Barba. Review came with 8.5/10 mark. 'One of the barriers that purist electro faces in crossing over a wider audienc is the fact that in often lacks a dancefloor focus. On 'Underwater', Italian producer Dressel does a lot to rectify this issue.'

  • Berlin based futuro producer Two Thou who provided us last Burek release made a podcast out of his studio rehearsals. He put together live recordings from the latest year and chose the versions which fit best a listening mood.

  • Get your hands on latest Barba! Ever striving for perfection, Sherard Ingram aka DJ Stingray 313 for this fifth Barba release hits us with elegant but typically fast pacing modern electro 3 tracker. Title track also gets a remix treatment by Aubrey, UK seasoned techno dj, producer.

  • Jacob Korn joins Burek's ”playable on demand” music family with his smashing mix, introducing the audience his musical influences and music that inspired him. With Jacobs’s well known musical aesthetic, this podcast is definitely not going to be just another bunch of megabytes online

  • From Vienna, Austria electronic music compendium Bebop Rodeo for month of August hoasted our label man Pytzek for one more exclusive-eclectic hour of music


  • Grab a download and have a listen to the latest Burek podcast mixed by the one of the best Croatian Dj's and one of the head-chefs of Vakum label - Borut Cvajner! The label may have a reputation for house and techno but Borut mixed up a sweet & soulful podcast that will tickle your ears and sooth any day during October.

  • Oct. 11, 2015

    What do KINK, Juju & Jordash and Toby Tobias have in common? Apart from being awesome electronic musicians and performers, they have all released on Croatias outstanding techno and house label Burek

  • Oct. 10, 2015

    Set by Pytzek made for the UES magazine, croatian electronic portal. House music all night long with included track list. 

  • For our latest Burek podcast we have a skilfully layered journey into various shades of afro, disco and house from California based DJ and producer Damon Bell. This is also a good opportunity to announce that Damon Bell soon will release his EP through our output Burek. Hold tight!

  • Pytzek exclusive mix for Framed.fm Night Moves show. Music sourced with a passion and broadcast with a conviction to break the mould. 

  • Producer, DJ and musician, Tiago and his extensive discography have played a vital role in the reawakening of love and interest in the various shades of leftfield dance music over the last decade across the world.

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