Vedagor EP

Released: Oct. 25, 2012

1. Untitled I
length: 4.39
2. Untitled II
length: 4.36
3. Untitled III
length: 5.13
4. Untitled IV
length: 5.22

"It's music - does it matter if it's house or techno?" So says the gravelly American voice on "Untitled II", one of four intriguing cuts that make up this debut from mysterious newcomer Vedagor. Like the rest of the EP, "Untitled II" has a strange fluidity. In parts, it sounds like a tribute to the swinging early noughties tech-house of Swag, at other times a chiming, melody-driven version of L.I.E.S-ish hardware fetishism. The same could be said about the deep and woozy "Unititled III", or the Detroit deepness-meets-Anthony Naples vibes of "Untitled IV". Even the bumpy "Untitled I", with its aural winks to Orbital and classic US house, follows the same fluid approach. Impressive stuff." Juno Records

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